Marianopolis Investment Club

A Club for young investors of Marianopolis College, founded in 2020.

About the Club: Goals & Facts

The Club was founded by Philip Becker and Charles Frédette in early 2020. This semester, the Club plans to hold activities online throughout the semester, during Activity Period, to discuss investment opportunities, learn different investment strategies with lessons, seminars and conferences from industry professionals, as well as creating networking with business professionals.

Profitable Opportunities

Give members the chance to invest their own money to create passive income and allow them to save money for the future such as paying back college loans.

Learning as a Group

Learning how to invest as a group to help develop key skills such as communication and critical thinking useful in both academic and career related activities.

Networking Opportunities

Our numerous activities organized throughout the year will create networking opportunities for our members to connect with leaders from around the world.

Leadership: Executive Team

Charles Frédette

Founder & President

Noah Serhan

Vice President

Philip Becker

Director of Operations


Director of Finance

Efstratia Rodousakis

Director of Communications

Our Portfolio: Current Holdings

We currently do not have any holdings.

Research Groups: Analysts

  • Financials
    Head Analyst: Charles Frédette
  • Utilities
    Head Analyst: TBD
  • Consumer Discretionary & Staples
    Head Analyst: TBD
  • Energy
    Head Analyst: TBD
  • Healthcare
    Head Analyst: TBD
  • Industrials
    Head Analyst: TBD
  • Technology
    Head Analyst: TBD
  • Telecom
    Head Analyst: TBD
  • Materials
    Head Analyst: TBD
  • Real Estate
    Head Analyst: TBD

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